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Right from designing, developing, testing, and maintaining healthcare-related applications, Solana is your one-stop destination for all technological solutions. We’ve created specialized medical software for hospitals, laboratories, imaging offices, and other healthcare businesses.

  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Custom Software Development
Technology Solution
Website Development

Patient Care

Our software products & Solutions are trusted by many healthcare professionals and institutions to improve every element of the patient experience. Right from making crucial information accessible with a flick of a finger to boosting access to medical specialists, we are game for anything health-tech-related that comes our way. 

Process Management

Solana’s software solutions  assist healthcare customers in streamlining internal and external procedures to fulfill the demands of patients for efficiency, transparency, and personalized service experience.

Mobile Application Development
Custom Software Development

System Modernization

Paper-based and spreadsheet-based legacy systems are no longer capable of meeting today’s healthcare demands. Solana’s software helps healthcare organizations find their place in the digital world.

Choose Solana as your digital partner!

  • Experienced team: Solana has a strong professional development staff that focuses on client service.


  • Cutting-edge technology: Our engineers’ wide technology stack knowledge and healthcare expertise help us work with customers to create effective solutions for every need.


  •  Get a complete digital makeover: Our skilled UI/UX designers and engineers are masters in giving healthcare organizations a “digital makeover,” creating visually appealing apps that improve the patient experience.


  •  We respect your privacy: We recognize the importance of maintaining the highest level of data privacy, and we use best practices to ensure that your systems are secure and fully comply with all applicable rules.

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