Add value with explainer videos - Here’s how!

Every healthcare organization needs explainer videos - Here’s why!

Nothing is more essential to us than our health, and nothing is more vital to healthcare and Medtech companies than giving value to their consumers. It’s not always easy to explain complicated medical research to CEOs or even daily patients, especially when it can sound like a foreign language.

While your healthcare product may change people’s lives, prospective clients must first comprehend and trust what you’re doing before they’ll invest. More importantly, people must feel safe and at ease with you. A healthcare explainer video can help with this. It enables you to use the power of animation to reach your audience.

  • Conceptualization & Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation & Voiceover
  • Final Delivery

Product Videos

Using animation, swiftly and efficiently explain how medicines work at the molecular level. Explain your product in detail through our explainer video and simplify its working mechanism.



Explain how to manage, treat, and prevent illnesses with doctors, nurses, and patients. Educate them with latest technological advancements in the medical field and ensure a streamlined working process.

Corporate Messaging

Assist with the internal communication of corporate messaging and hop-on to the most advanced digital transformational wagon with Solana’s explainer video. 

Step up your animation game with Solana!

Healthcare products are clearly a valuable asset for any medical company. How do you find the best video production partner when it’s time to make a decision?

For your next project, you want a video crew that has done it before and has new ideas. Boring templates simply do not cut it in today’s society. Solana has been assisting medical groups for many years and is the best in the market.

Our streamlined process is created with medical organizations like yours in mind, to help you improve your digital image with aesthetically attractive material. In reality, these videos are frequently 90 seconds lengthy, making them simple to comprehend for viewers. We’re your animation experts on all things health, whether you deal directly with patients or with large medical institutions.

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