Enhance your Marketing efforts with Explainer Video

An explainer video is a great medium of marketing for your product or services.

We at Solana Digital, Breathe, Eat, Sleep to design characters and concepts to build awesome animated videos. We can help you to spread your thought or concept using our 2D Character Animation Video, Whiteboard Video, Motion and Typography Videos.

  • Conceptualization & Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation & Voiceover
  • Final Delivery

Conceptualization & Script

The script is the soul of any animated video. Before creating the video, it is necessary for the business and creator to define why we need this video. 

  • Who is the target audience for this video?
  • What does the creator want to achieve with this video?
  • What will be a suitable format for this video?


Once the script is approved by you, our creative nerds goes in his own zone to come up with the best possible visual for the script. We also take care of your design and brand guidelines while creating a storyboard for your product and services. 

Animation & Voice Over

Once the storyboard is set and rolling, the animation starts taking place. According to storyboard need and guideline from the artist, the Animation team chooses the best transition and creativity. We also lined up our Voice Over artist based on your requirements like Male or Female, Accent and tonality.

Final Delivery

When animation and voiceover ready, we set the best background music in it and sent it to you for your approval and final delivery. We are not shy of taking feedback and revisions request in our video-making process and always encourage our client for the same. So we can assure you, for the best quality video.

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