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Creativity, transparency and sustainability is our mantra to success. We at Solana have curated our offerings for the health-tech sector creatively, so that they can achieve sustainable growth for years to come with utmost transparency through our digital and technology driven solutions.

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Improving-Healthcare with our Technology

Healthcare organizations are juggling stringent internal processes, strict regulatory standards, and rising patient expectations for convenient, transparent, and customized encounters with medical experts in today’s digital world.

At Solana, we work with healthcare organizations to create software solutions they need to improve patient care in every way.

Our team of expert software engineers, developers, and designers provide complete web and app development services that will cross your expectations.


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Technology Solutions
Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Relaying complicated ideas has never been simpler!

Animated explainer videos are ideal for conveying difficult concepts to your audience.

At Solana, we make this possible, easily and creatively. Subject matter based on healthcare is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for patients and beginner medical practitioners. Here’s where explainer videos can prove useful for healthcare organizations in training and educating their staff on new practices and explaining new products in a jiffy.

2D Character Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Motion and Typography Videos.

Online Review Management

Reclaim unhappy patients with Solana’s Online Review Management Service

The online reputation of most healthcare providers is defined by a few noisy unhappy patient reviews. Solana, a reputation management platform for healthcare, aids in the generation of more positive patient ratings. Positive evaluations will increase your digital reputation, as well as your ability to attract and retain patients.

Our tool is designed with healthcare in mind, with a simple and automated review development procedure that makes proactive review generation, acquisition, analysis, monitoring, and maintenance a breeze that allows you to quickly address unhappy patients.

Online Review Monitoring

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